Gabriel Nedelcu


Gabriel Nedelcu




I am searching for a business opportunity in order to start-up an investment (a company). I am looking for a co-investment partnership or collaboration. I would prefer a production facility located in Romania; nevertheless, other directions can be considered as well (distribution, sales representative, production branch, etc.).

I would like to mention that am ready to get involved 100% in terms of money, time and expertise in the industrial technical/mechanical area.

Therefore, I am ready to consider any opportunity that may arise.I am interested having detailed discussions with any person or small/medium size company interested in a co-investment in order to relocate the production or increase it, entering the Romanian market through a local branch, etc. As my background is in industrial engineering I will focus on the related areas (nevertheless, other directions can be considered as well).

Gabriel Nedelcu
Mobile: 0040736119147
Skype ID: gabi_ned2000

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